The Vestry in the Episcopal Church is a governing body of church members elected annually by parishioners to serve the church’s mission. Each elected vestry member serves a 3-year term. The church also elects a Senior and Junior Warden who exercise leadership in the Vestry. The most important “product” that the Vestry offers is a creative, prudent, and clearly communicated set of goals and objectives for St. James’s existence in Westwood. They are the people who listen and respond to the people in the pews as well as the guest who visit us and the neighbors who live nearby.

At St. James, the Senior Warden presently provides leadership and support to the administrative and pastoral needs of the church while the Junior Warden is focused on mission-based and building-related activities. The Wardens work closely with the Rector to discover what might be the best possible way for the church to fully live into its mission.

The Vestry facilitates conversations about how to fund and support the parish’s budget, missional objectives, and program offerings. They meet on a scheduled monthly basis, and many vestry members work in specific functional groups such as Building & Grounds, Stewardship, and Finance.

Vestry members, Wardens, and Convention delegates are elected each year at the Annual Meeting held in February.

The St. James Vestry

Bruce Ford (2017)

Nancy Jacob (2017)

Brooks Webb (2016)

Carol Schneider (2015)

Dave Taber (2015)

Garyne Evans, Senior Warden

John Goodyear, Junior Warden

TBD, Treasurer

TBD, Secretary