To get involved in any of our outreach ministries, e-mail Gayle Linkletter or call (513) 661-1154 to be put in touch with the ministry chairperson.

Outreach Ministries

  • Dinner is served to members of the broader community on the 4th Thursday of every month (with some holiday exceptions). Parishioners donate 90% of the food and 100% of the time preparing it. All the desserts are homemade and the variety of menus are always happily received by the 100+ mouths fed each month.

    Contact: Nancy Goodyear

  • We are part of 13 Episcopal and Orthodox churches in the Southern Ohio area who are in partnership with St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church located in Sablino, Russia. We provide financial assistance for its religious and educational community center for the small village, as well as participating in cultural exchanges between the United States and Russia for youth and adults. In summer 2013, we hosted 4 Russian youth from Sablino for a church picnic and evening prayer service during their stay in Cincinnati.

    Contact: Anne Griffiths

  • Individuals seeking assistance from the State of Ohio can bring their applications to St. James to work through and submit them. The Ohio Benefits Bank provides several types of assistance such as food stamps, medical assistance, child care, utility bills, job searches, and training. To seek assistance, please call Gayle in the office at (513) 661-1154.

    Contact: Kathy Schaefer

  • Westfed is a food pantry serving the 45211 and 45238 zip codes located at Grace Lutheran Church in Westwood. Non-perishable food items are handed out on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. Westfed is supported by several local churches in the area, and St. James collects non-perishable food items on a regular basis.

    Contact: Jac & Linda Beth Allen

Health & Wellness Ministries

  • St. James plays host to AA meetings held every Friday evening at 7:30 p.m in the Vestry Room.

    Contact: Gayle Linkletter, (513) 661-1154,

  • Our furry (or not-so-furry) friends are deserving of God’s love as well! In honor of the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi (Oct. 4), we offer a blessing of the animals service on our front lawn. The furry residents of Three Sisters Pet Rescue attend for their own blessing as well as the pets of our own parishioners and community members alike.

    Contact: Gayle Linkletter, (513) 661-1154,

  • Registered nurses who attend St. James provide free blood pressure screenings for members of the congregation. These are usually administered in regular intervals 3-4 times a year.

    Contact: Linda Whittle & Dottie Wilson

  • Coping with illness, grief, and other difficult situations can be extremely difficult and trying on one’s mind, heart, and spirit. Special healing worship services are offered intermittently throughout the year to focus on spiritual healing and clearing the clutter in our mind to make room for the healing and comforting hand of God.

    Contact: Gayle Linkletter, (513) 661-1154,

  • Parishioners at St. James have knitted/crocheted prayer shawls to be given to persons who are ill, grieving, or going through a difficult time. This ministry is not just about how we care for others, but how God chooses to care for others through our caring. The simple act of knitting/crocheting a prayer shawl while praying for the shawl’s recipient haas allowed many to witness God’s mysterious love in a very tangible and concrete way. As the shawls are completed, they are blessed by a priest and then wait for a person who needs the comfort and blessing of such a shawl.

    Knitting, Prayer & Stitches meetings have been temporarily suspended.

  • A network of parishioners who offer intercessory prayers for parishioners and others with special needs. This network is conducted primarily by e-mail and in our weekly bulletins.

    Contact: Gayle Linkletter, (513) 661-1154,

  • St. James plays host to NA meetings held every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall. Childcare is provided in the Nursery.

    Contact: Gayle Linkletter, (513) 661-1154,

  • Retreats for men and women are intermittently offered as a way to find clarity and calmness in times of stress and busyness. These are usually held at the Chapel of the Resurrection at St. Luke’s in Sayler Park. Dates and times will be announced as they are added to the calendar.

    Contact: Gayle Linkletter, (513) 661-1154,

Hospitality & Fellowship

  • Coffee Hour is hosted after each Sunday morning worship service which supports fellowship and hospitality. Families who sign up to host provide the church with light refreshments, coffee, and other beverages. Coffee Hour also provides a great way to learn about the many happenings in and around St. James.

    Contact: Carol Schneider

  • St. James partners with Westwood Works to host several community beer gardens throughout the warmer months of the year. Check out the Westwood Works website for an updated calendar, and join us for fun, libations, and fellowship on our front lawn!

    Contact: John Eby

  • The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) officially includes all female members of the church, and all are welcome to attend their monthly meeting, meal gathering, or special event. The ECW supports various local, national, and international organizations with donations generated from membership dues and fundraisers, such as the annual ECW ice cream social.

    Contact: Dotty Garrabrant

  • This dedicated kitchen crew combines their love for food and fellowship to provide meals for special events, such as the Community Supper, church potlucks, and receptions following funerals, concerts, and other special events.

    Contact: Nancy Goodyear, Anne Griffiths

  • Our vibrant music ministry program offers a variety of special musical events allowing members of St. James and the broader community to come together to share a mutual love of music together. Refer to our Music page under the Celebration tab.

    Contact: Joe Rivers, (513) 661-1154 ext. 17,

  • Are you new to St. James? Do you wish to learn more about our parish? Then the Discovery and Formation Group (DFG) is for you! The group usually hosts a “Discovery Dinner” on the last Saturday of each month.

    Contact: Johnathen Sweeney

  • The $20 question is… what does “N or M” mean? And the $20 answer is… nobody knows! What is known is that this social group began in 1940 (!) and has been having meals together on the third Wednesday of every month at various local restaurants. Members of the group rotate choosing the restaurant each month. All members and friends are welcome to attend. The only requirement is that you like to have a good time!

    Contact: Nancy Goodyear

  • Parishioners greet Sunday churchgoers as they enter the church and assist in the distribution of offering plates and the line-up for communion. Both men and women are welcome.

    Contact: Nancy Jacob, ushers & John Goodyear, greeters

Support Ministries

  • The Trustees are primarily responsible for overseeing the church’s endowments involving outreach, building and grounds, and special projects, as well as managing the rector’s housing fund.  The Board of Trustees is made up of the Senior Warden, Rector, and three elected members.

    Contact: Bryan Lanich

  • This group of dedicated individuals work hard to keep our building looking clean and beautiful. If you have any “home improvement” skills, your assistance would be most welcome! B&G does intermittent work through the week and also coordinates church-wide “work days,” that allows members of the church at large to come and help clean and organize our building, especially before major events or official visits.

    Contact: Eugene Jacob 

  • The Finance Committee is a group of financially-savvy individuals that keep up with the day-to-day finances to keep St. James operating smoothly and efficiently. They work closely with our accountant and treasurer to ensure that our financial books are in order, and also put together a budget to submit to the Vestry and ultimately the congregation at-large for approval.


  • The Music Ministry Commission is a group of individuals dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the growing music ministries of St. James Episcopal Church. The group meets monthly to provide support for ongoing programs and to assist the Director of Music in the visioning, planning, and execution of new events. All are welcome to serve, both young and old, regardless of musical taste!

    Contact: Bruce Knapp

  • The Purpose & Visioning Team is a diverse group of parishioners focused on defining the mission, vision, and purpose of St. James as a church for the next 5-10 years.

    Contact: Kelsee Lanich & Garyne Evans

  • At St. James, we believe that stewardship is not about raising money, but about being proper and faithful stewards of all of the church’s resources, to include its ministries, facilities, staff, outreach, and so much more. The Stewardship Team meets year-round to promote ways for members of the church to get involved in making the church’s current ministries vibrant while also keeping a wary eye for the future and the longevity of the congregation.

    Contact: John Murray 

  • The Vestry is the governing body of the church made up of lay members elected by the congregation at-large.  Every Episcopal Church has a Vestry that facilitates conversation and takes leadership of the church’s finances, missional objectives, and program offerings, and St. James is no exception. Our Vestry is the primary visioning body of our church, and members work closely with the staff, clergy, and members of the entire parish to adequately support, fund, and advance missions and objectives that ultimately allow the church to live more deeply into its purpose and move further down the path God calls St. James to follow.

    Contact: Garyne Evans,

Community Partnerships

  • St. Luke’s-Chapel of the Resurrection is a small congregation located just up the hill from the Ohio River in Sayler Park. St. James has been called upon by the Diocese of Southern Ohio to act as stewards to this supportive parish and beautiful building.  The chapel and parish house are ideal for weddings, receptions, retreats, and intimate musical and artistic gatherings.

    Contact: Anne Griffiths & John Murray

  • My Neighbor’s Place is a community development organization located on Cincinnati’s West Side that is dedicated to creating a community that welcomes and cares for our neighbors. They provide services for needy individuals, and community churches (St. James included) have the opportunity to work together to improve spiritual, economic, and social quality of life for residents of this area.
    Contact: Gayle Linkletter, (513) 661-1154,
  • CCM Prep, the community school of the internationally recognized College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, is in partnership with St. James to provide artistic opportunities for eager youth and adults residing in Cincinnati’s West Side. Our Saturday morning offerings include private and group music lessons, as well as opportunities for theatre and dance classes. Click here for more information.
    Contact: Joe Rivers, (513) 661-1154 ext. 3,
  • The clergy of St. James actively participate in WHAM, an interfaith group of ministers serving in churches in the Western Hills area of Cincinnati. The group holds monthly meetings to discuss community issues and the role that the churches serve in finding and providing solutions. WHAM churches alternate hosting a Good Friday and Thanksgiving service each year.
    Contact: Gayle Linkletter, (513) 661-1154,
  • Westwood Works is a community organization made up of a group of Westwood residents committed to the promotion of all things that make Westwood a great place to live and be. Community meetings are on the last Wednesday of each month, and all are welcome to attend. Westwood Works hosts events such as Westwood’s Deck the Hall, “My Westwood” Photo Contest, the Westwood Art Show, and Treasure QWest.  St. James plays frequent hosts of Westwood Works events.
    Contact: Gayle Linkletter, (513) 661-1154,