What does it mean to Step Out in Faith, Dream BIG?

For 2020, consider how you will pledge your treasure, time and talent.


Our giving reflects our gratitude to God for all He’s given us.

Pledge now!

Giving Project 2020

Continue to step out. And Dream BIG.

Since our September 29 kick-off, we continue to add and update—helping you better understand what the Giving Project means to all of us. Every Sunday since, a new speaker has shared their perspectives with us; reflecting personal meaning to their giving.

Also, every week you’ll find reminders of this year’s Giving Project in the weekly email and Sunday bulletins. Before Sunday worship, enjoy new and beautiful slides that reflect our church and mission.

Stewardship secures your commitment to fund next year’s mission and ministry. How will you step out in faith next year? And what are your BIG dreams for St. James? Pastor Mary reminded us in her Oct. 6 sermon, “Dreams don’t come to fruition if we aren’t willing to take risks to make them happen.”



Giving Can be More than Money

“While we often talk about taking a leap of faith—and sometimes that is exactly what we are called to do—we can often build our faith muscles by taking small risks.”  ~The Rev. Mary Carson

Besides monetary funding, there are several ways to support our church—opportunities in:

  • Worship
  • Formation
  • Service/Mission
  • Community Building & Pastoral Care
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Administration

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‘Count your blessings.  Know where they come from’

Jason Davis spoke of his gratitude to be at St. James, “I have landed in a place where my time and talent can be put to work.” Several speakers have now shared how they “Step out in Faith. Dream BIG.”

Jason Davis shared his “attitude” with us. Giving attitude, that is. He went on to say, “Your time, talent, and treasure are all welcome.”

On Oct. 20, Brittany Coyle shared her heart with us. She was “churchless” and spent 10 years searching. Brittany really loves St. James, our neighbors and our mission. And she gives back by donating her time, treasure and talent to others. Brittany encourages us to give, as we may not “understand how priceless that truly is.”

Going forward, what will we hear from this Sunday’s speaker?

‘I think what you meant to say was yes’

Ginna Witte kicked off our Giving Project speaker series.

“Last night I was at Frisch’s with Linnea and I came across a sign that made me think about what God asks of us…”

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