What does it mean to Step Out in Faith, Dream BIG?

For 2020, consider how you will pledge your treasure, time and talent.


Our giving reflects our gratitude to God for all He’s given us.

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Giving Project 2020 Kick-Off

Giving Project 2020 kicked off on Sunday, September 29, with a skit featuring God (Ginna Witte), St. Peter (Mike Newman) and Siri speaker Mike Smith. There have also been several other materials produced and distributed, including an intro postcard, your pledge kit, Face Book posts, and more.

Posted by St James Episcopal Church – Cincinnati on Sunday, September 29, 2019

Stay tuned to more info, and come back often for updates!

Giving Can be More than Money

Besides monetary funding, there are several ways to support our church—opportunities in:

  • Worship
  • Formation
  • Service/Mission
  • Community Building & Pastoral Care
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Administration

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“I think what you meant to say was yes”

Ginna Witte kicked off our Giving Project speaker series.

“Last night I was at Frisch’s with Linnea and I came across a sign that made me think about what God asks of us.
The sign was one of those trifolds sitting next to the napkins and it was covered with photos of cakes and ice cream and pie and at the top, it said, “I think what you meant to say was ‘yes’”. I assume implying that maybe the server had asked if you wanted dessert and you being the healthy person that you are, you said “no” even though maybe you really did want it.
This phrase, “I think what you meant to say was ‘yes’” made me wonder if that’s what God is thinking each time…”

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